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ZALORA, your one stop online destination for everything fashionable in the Philippines. Bringing you an insight on global trends, we feature your favorite international designers and the most relevant Filipino brands. 

We constantly update ourselves with the latest fashion trends to make sure we only offer you the most exciting products available.

It is not my first time to order in Zalora. For this Zalora haul, I will share my 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th time ordering in Zalora within two months of my vacation. Yeah, I love to shop online especially in Zalora because I can save money than buying in a Shopping Mall. And one good thing about shopping online is the convenience. So let's start with my haul.

These are the items I bought from my 4th time. I bought those things using my earned commission from Zalora that's why my mother let me buy those pieces of stuff.

1. Zalora Low Top Sneakers with Stripe. I bought this because I want to have a white shoes. Most of my shoes are color brown or black. I bought this for PHP 299.
2. Zalora Denim Short Sleeve Shirt for my semi-formal attire or outfit. This is my first time to buy a shirt because I usually buy T-shirts for my outfits. I bought this for PHP 299 also.
3. Guitar 3-in-1 Casual Socks. I bought an additional 6 pairs of socks because in Baguio it's hard to dry a washed clothes because of its cold and rainy weather. I bought those socks for PHP 199.75 each pack.

For my 5th time, I bought three T-shirts from Oxygen. The first t-shirt has an embroidered "I'm with a secret band", next to it is the t-shirt with a 3 printed look a like patch on it and the third t-shirt has also an embroidered "Are you kidding me?". Those t-shirts are worth Php 199 each.

So here's my 6th time. 
1. Zalora Faux Leather Laptop Bag. I'm using this as my school bag. The space of the bag is limited but still its okay for me because I'm just bringing with me my notebook binder, pencil case, file case, perfume, alcohol, tissue, medicine, keys, hair brush, water bottle, and umbrella. Hahaha, yeah those pieces of stuff are fit inside my bag. 😂
2. Mick + Marty Yves' Men's Lace up Shoes. Yay! I love the color that's why I bought it for some of my casual attire. 
3. Zalora Faux Leather Oxford Shoe. I bought this for my school uniform.
Those pieces of stuff are worth Php 1598.00

For my 7th time, I ordered a Zalora Faux Leather Holdall Bag. I bought this for Php 1349.00 but I have a good news. This bag is on sale in for Php 899.00.

That's all for my mini Zalora haul. 

I have a gift for you! Use my code "ZBAPQ23R" to get 15% off. 

Visit Zalora now! Thank you for reading it.

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