Hello there!
My name is William Estacio. I’m 17 years old. A Grade 11 STEM student from Saint Louis University Laboratory High School in Baguio City. La Union is my hometown while Baguio city is my city.
Let me share some of facts about me:
1. My full name is Patrick William B. Estacio.
2. My birthdate is MArch 16, 2000.
3. My birthplace is in Agoo, La Union.
4. I have an older sister.
5. I rarely say “sorry”, but I mean it when I say it. I commonly say “pasensya”.
6. I’ve never read the whole content of any book I encountered.
7. I can speak in tagalog. HAHAHA šŸ˜€
8. I want my things to be organize.
9. I love to paint when I’m bored.
10. I do calligraphy and watercolor art also.
11. I don’t like people who are very sensitive.
12. I don’t like people who doesn’t have common sense.
13. I like people who are “kalog”, not sensitive and happy to be with.
14. I want and love to travel.
15. I take the “R” and “L” on my earphones pretty seriously.
16. I love backing up my stuff by messaging or emailing it to myself.
17. I have an idea what alcohol tastes like.
18. I never smoked a cigarette.
19. I prefer coffee over tea.
20. I love ice creams.
21. I love french fries and pizzas.
22. I rarely say bad words.
23. I rarely give compliments unless I feel that you deserve it. (baka kasi lumaki ang ulo ehh)
24. If you know me very well then you probably know that I used being sarcastic.
25. I love neutral colors, olive green, pastel colors and any shades of brown.
26. My favorite number is “7” since childhood.
27. I think I’m a social media enthusiast.
28. I talk too fast when I get super excited.
29. I rarely take a selfie.
30. All my photos posted on my IG are taken using my Sony and Samsung phone only.
31. I don’t know how to swim.
32. Rabbit is my favorite pet.
33. I love staying in Starbucks when I’m alone.
34. My stomach and skin is very sensitive. HAHAHA
35. I will add more facts about myself when I have the mood to do it.

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